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Before you we unravel the world of Rubycharm online, the place we worked hard for last few months, so that we can invite you as our guests. This is the world of nature's force joined by deftly human motion. Thus is created a world of nature art, harmony of its powers. Rubycharm crafts and jewellery are items of elegant and raw beauty, but also far more than that.

It's uniqueness we are seeking for. Everything that exists in our world is done with special care and love. It carries the strength and volume that exceeds what you can see - it's something you can only feel. In handcrafts creation we took up great care and regard, necessary to honour while working with materials given by Mother Earth. Nothing is coincidental: regardless of whether we used metals silver, gold, brass, chrome, copper or bronze, each one is tailored for one exact stone to wear. Each gem is hand selected, alive and vivid by colours, form and strength, each crystal found its place that it belonged too even before craft was made - place of dedication since its inception.

Sometimes, Rubycharm handicrafts can be seemingly like one another, identical never. If our crafts are marked as unique, you will know that you have gained something valuable and remarkable, something that belongs only to you, just for you intended. So, choose carefully and wisely, because it is a great privilege to find your own piece of Earth and creation, one dedicated to you, the missing part, something that complements and fulfils us. And when you find it, you'll know, and then no distance will stop you and keep you away from it, as it is for your forever. Your unique part of the universe, Rubycharm unique.

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