Kunzite myth and meaning in healing by Rubycharm

Bringer of luck:

It is believed that a person who carries Kunzite will be always accompanied by good luck. Many people carry it like a charm, a talisman of good luck, in an attempt to lure the blindfolded lady to them. As the old saying a little ominously goes: “If you don’t meet luck, you won’t catch it either.”

It is also said that Kunzite is a stone of spirituality, calmness, unity and unconditional love. The drawing on the right side shows  RubyCharm angel wearing a Kunzite pendant called Loving Spirit. It is made for true life proportion.



Kunzite is known to many as the protector stone, as it shields the aura, creating a force field around it and erasing negative influences and bad energy. Particularly interesting is the claim that yellow Kunzite will clean the aura of environmental smog and provide protection from radiation. This is more necessary than ever before, so let’s hope it is true. Said to guard from electromagnetic waves of mobile phones, laptops and TV sets, Kunzite is often worn as a pendant, and should be kept close to an electromagnetic device because of its protective qualities . (I don't know about you, but I have tied a Kunzite stone on my son’s forehead just to be sure that his brain will not explode.)  It is frequently used as an elixir.


Be creative:

It is said that Kunzite also enhances creativity and has a capability to tie intellect, intuition and inspiration into one, allowing us to convert wonderful imaginative creations into reality. It is a good asset for artists obviously, but everyone can do with implementing some additional creative thoughts. It is also believed that Kunzite encourages tolerance, freedom of speech and expression of personal ideas and attitudes.


Find your Inner-child

Psychologically, it is good for people who have been forced to grow up too quickly, caught by the troubles of life. Kunzite is said to reinstall the trust and innocence of youth. It has a very positive impact on improving mood and depression in cases of emotional imbalance. It is also said to bring great calmness and drive away panic attacks.

Some people believe that Kunzite is very useful in healing, being beneficial to the heart and circulatory system. It is also believed to stimulate the immune system by helping the body to recover after stressful situations and difficult diseases. It is said to lessen the symptoms of neuralgia and even calm and weaken the strength of epilepsy attacks. On the left side you can see a RubyCharm pendant called Blossom of Dreams.


Chakra and Zodiac

On the spiritual plane Kunzite aligns the heart chakra, connecting it to the throat and third eye chakras.

It is a good stone for those born under the Leo, Taurus and Scorpio zodiac signs.


Different colours:

Lilac Kunzite is believed to be the symbol of infinity, because it takes us to eternity and encourages the dying soul to continue on its path of enlightenment.

Green Kunzite is a stone that grounds spiritual love and supports new beginnings. It helps people to comfort and support each other and promotes faith in the universe — and that is something we need on our side. Photo on the right shows pendant made of Purple (lilla) Kunzite.