Smokey quartz Rubycharm scotish story


One legend, lost in time, descends to us from the high mountains of Scotland. Cautions of this legend are often forgotten by all - those born hundreds of years later and thousands of miles away, as well as those whose ancestors spilled blood in these events. It`s hard to believe, thus easy to dismiss, as it speaks to the dire matter of frightening monsters that are in fact just people. About actions that we deem impossible, yet prove otherwise, and a riot of the weak and oppressed who sought freedom bravely.



There was once a clan, the clan of Sawney Bean. They ruled the area of ​​Mount Carnigorm. They ruled by fear, by blood, and by power of wealth. They called themselves Threeeyed, due to the third black eye on the forehead. Each member of the clan wore a leather binding around their head on which a black stone called Morian was centered - symbol of the Sawney clan - a stone excavated from the mines. It symbolized the wealth of Clan Sawney Bean. Meanwhile others slaved in wretched conditions, many hungry and tired, even children, women, and the elderly, to their bitter death.

But this sad yet common image was not the worst to have happened in these mountains. Legends told of the clan Sawney Bean having an appetitite for human flesh. Dozens of innocents disappeared every year, without any trace, and this went on for decades.



Other clans were fewer in number, but also divided. When one would revolt others refused to follow weary of their century long quarrels. Soon, the clan Sawney quelled the rebellion and with their resources managed to cover their tracks. Stone of Morion became the sign of death and fear.

One day, as legend says, a young clanswoman gathered all the other clans. At first the leaders continued with their petty quarrels that had lasted for centuries, but the young woman was persistent. To each of the leaders she gave a Carnigorm, one other stone of great beauty and lighter colours than the Morion, also found in these mountains from which it took its name. The young clanswoman said that when they looked at the stone they should think of all those who died in the mines of clan Bean, and those who have disappeared without a trace. Soon, this stone became a symbol of her struggle, and those who wanted to be united to oppose guild Bean wore Carnigorm as an ornament on their kilts and mantles. Carnigorm soon graced many kilts, and it reminded them all of their common goal. Clan Bean suspected nothing. Soon all carried the Carnigorm stones and they knew it was time. They raised against the clan Bean, overthrew their harsh rule, and brought them to justice long deserved.

Since then, through all the centuries, stone Carnigorm became a symbol of unity in common purpose. This stone is also known to us as Smokey quartz.