Topaz meaning by Rubycharm

Powerful through history:


Many beliefs are associated with the colour of sunset that this beautiful stone usually possesses. So Egyptians long believed that the sun god, Ra, gave topaz its color. The Romans also held to the belief that this stone owes its color to the sun, while in many European countries there is a widespread belief that topaz has strong solar energy. There are other beliefs related to topaz. The ancient Greeks believed in the exceptional strength of the stone, while the Renaissance man was convinced that topaz has the power to disperse and seemingly dissipate anger and rage. In India, for centuries, it has been believed that topaz should be worn as an amulet or near the heart, as this ensures a long life, wisdom and beauty.

The RubyCharm ring on the left side is called Wanderers Way, made of silver and Chalcedony, Prasiolite and Blue Topaz.




Magical Topaz


From ancient times, topaz was associated with magic. It was believed that it increases the power of those who know how to rule it and awakens a gift in those who have not yet known magic. It was used for the protection against black magic spells and different curses because it was regarded as the carrier of white magic, using its powers in order to achieve good and altruistic goals.


Encouraging believers


Thus, clerics and men of the cloth in many religions loved it, always somewhat prone to superstitions, openly or secretly, either as part of their own sermons, or their condemnations. They resorted to topaz gladly and wore it around their neck, head, or to put on the holy relics, invoking his power in secret, hiding their weaknesses from their various gods and goddesses of bad or good. On the right you can see a RubyCharm girl with pearcing eyes wearing a ring called Truthsayer. It was made from silver, adorned with Prasiolite, Kyanite and Blue Topaz.


Fire in your hand:


It is believed that it is even named after the word tamaz, which in Sanskrit means fire. That bringer of fire magic is a wondrous creature of nature.



The cuckoo's egg:


Besides magic, topaz brings happiness. It is likely why so many gems were considered to be topaz. Blue topaz was often mistaken to the aquamarine, colorless topaz was presented as diamonds, and it is thought that all yellow gemstones were topaz. Indeed, all of them resemble topaz, which entered many lapidary stores as a cuckoo`s egg, prompt and ready to bewitch those unworthy as well as disbelievers. Topaz is not so valuable as some of these other gems, although it is of great beauty. From citrine and aquamarine, it can be recognized only under a microscope, but we know a better way - feel the magic, and that means be grasped by its presence, and you will know the difference, as we do. The ring on the left is called Chickadee Eyes, made of Lapis Lazuli and Blue Topaz.