The ruby is a crimson red to pink gemstone that is part of a group of minerals of aluminum-oxide known as corundum. This gem is considered one of the four precious stones alongside the emerald, sapphire and diamond. Despite the difference in colour, ruby and sapphire share many qualities, and it has been known for the ruby to be categorized as an alteration of the sapphire. Along with several other elements, the ruby is evaluated 9 on the Mohs scale of toughness, making it, together with sapphire, the third toughest element on the planet. What makes the ruby especially interesting is the variation in reflected light when viewed from different angles, and it is one of the few crystals and minerals that appear to do that.



Unsurprisingly, the ruby is known as the mother of all jewels, gemologists having found it the most remarkable crystal of all. Throughout history, the ruby has been a sign both of wealth and lust. Known to augment the energy of the wearer, the jewel is, in many cultures, a symbol of love and passion, making it a powerful aphrodisiac. Equally, it is used to help overcome sorrow and melancholy. The ruby’s energy is a compelling sharpener of the mind, boosting mental perception and focus. Additionally.rubies, either natural or lab created, are utilized in watchmaking and in microscopic laser surgery.

The ruby has been known to help overcome insomnia, and for dispelling evil spirits and other paranormal manifestations, as well as for banishing nightmares and protecting the mind. Such effects are due to the fiery red that connects this intriguing jewel with fire, hence it was traditionally used to protect one’s household against intruders and fire.



One of few variations of this jewel is the star ruby. This star-shaped gem usually has six points, shooting out from the centre.

A ruby’s price is determined by its colour and transparency. The darkest crimson red, often called blood-red, is the rarest and most valuable, as well as the priciest on the market. The degree of transparency is also of crucial importance in appraising a ruby.

Jewellers, as with every mineral or crystal, subject the ruby to numerous enhancements such as colour and transparency improvement as well as filling any cracks.



In the Bible, vigour, vitality, health and love are among the meanings.powerfully symbolised by the ruby. Recently, one of the most distinguished rubies was donated to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC by billionaire and philanthropist Peter Buck, in honour of his deceased spouse Carmen Lucia. Another very fine ruby was the heart-shaped Liberty Bell. This 40-carat gem, the largest ruby in the world, was crafted by a London jeweller in …, but subsequently stolen in 2011.

The largest extraction site is in Burma (Myanmar), where all the most renowned rubies have been discovered. Other significant mining sites are found in Thailand and Sri Lanka, with smaller deposits elsewhere.