Rose quartz




Rose quartz is a type of quartz with a pale pink to rose red shade. The colour comes from traces of titanium, iron, or manganese within the crystal material. Yet new research suggests the presence of microscopic fibres between the crystal grid of the mineral, may be responsible for the colour of rose quartz.

Some rose quartz from Madagascar has microscopic inclusions. When properly cut en cabochon, these tiny inclusions will form a star-like light effect called asteirism, the same effect that sapphires can display.







Gentle rose quartz is a symbol of love, and few can ignore its impact on the affairs of the heart. Like heart reflections, this stone is never completely transparent; there is an unusual milky, vague and uncertain interior. Similarly, affairs of the heart are never completely clear and explicit, but are always hiding vague outlines of unfinished stories, hidden desires and truth obscured by light mist of other pursuits. Therefore, one who believes to clearly understand other people’s hearts, or even their own, is very much deceived.



It is typical that possessing greater transparency will make a rose quartz stone have a greater value. Is it an expression of our aspirations to have clearer insight into the affairs of the heart, which is often vague and hard to understand? Until the 80s, when large new deposits were discovered on the island of Madagascar, completely transparent rose quartz was never found. Even now when we have seen a fully transparent example, we should be prudent never to consider that the heart is without secrets, as it never is.





Despite its gentle colours and undeniable symbolism of the power of happy love, rose quartz is not greatly valued in gemology, except when it is almost perfectly transparent. However, this does not mean that the beauty and energy it carries should not be prized as highly as other valuable gems. It is our tendency to take what ​​we already posess for granted, disregard what we have, consider it unimportant with a recklessness often seen in children. Love is such a serious matter, we all agree, but so often we find lovers silly. We do not know how much love is worth until we lose it. It is similar with rose quartz; it is worth much more than we think.