Coloured pearls




Coloured pearls - Black pearls or Tahitian pearls - The name Tahitian pearl is more correct then Black pearls, as it includes all coloured pearls, but in the lapidary trade it is commonly used as a generic name for all coloured pearls, which can be a little misleading. Nature-made black pearls are extremely rare and it is said that they possess a beauty without comparison. Occasionally, a black pearl gets a golden flow of colours making it more light, and some say even more beautiful. Others are completely opaque, and speak about nights of love making. Other colours include blue, pink and brown. Coloured pearls are born of an oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera, also known as the Black-Lip Pearl Oyster. The name of this oyster comes from Latin word margarita, meaning treasure. Another interesting fact is that people today associate pearls with a bead-like, spherical shape. It is not true. The first round pearl was produced only in 1970.




It is said by Polynesian people that the god Oro, God of Fertility, descended upon Earth to bequest a magical oyster called Te Ufi. When Te Ufi made a black pearl, people were charmed by its beauty and glory. Oro was in love with a princess named Bora Bora, so he gave the first pearl made by Te Ufi, a rainbow coloured pearl called Poe Rava, as a gift to her to symbolize his endless love. From then on, the pearl oyster Pinctada Margaritifera, has flourished in the bays of Polynesia. It has become a symbol of this country and its unique beauty. Chinese myth speaks about black pearls too. It is said that the pearl is created and grows inside the head of a dragon, thus symbolising wisdom. Thus, according to mythology, in order to acquire a pearl one should slay a dragon. Dragons also wore pearls between their claws.




We find a lot of hidden meaning and symbolism in both myths. God Oro offered a gift to a princess. He gave her what was interpreted as both a symbol of beauty and wisdom, and of procreation and birth. It is obvious that he honoured the female gender with this gift, which makes this legend even more beautiful and true. This god entrusted women with the procreation of humans — the capability of giving birth. Chinese myth speaks about dragons, their symbol of power and magic. Even today, in Chinese language there is an idiom: "I hope my son will become a dragon" as dragons are associated with outstanding persons. Since pearls are made in dragons head, they have become a symbol of what makes dragons great — the core of their power, magic and wisdom. We should value our pearls more, it seems.​




There are many beliefs about the power of pearls. White pearl stands for purity and innocence, black and gold for wisdom and success, pink for luck, fame and good fortune, brown for harmony, and male energy, whilst blue is regarded as an impulse for finding true love in life.​