Many people have come to know and love this stone under the name gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz, although in actual fact it has very little in common with the higher-quality gemstone topaz - except for a few nuances of colour. Citrine is part of family of quartz, (SiO2) gemstones - silicates. It is actually quite rare in nature, and unstable.  So most of specimens you have on the market are heated to get that attractive redish colours. Treating it like that, alas will lose some of its freshness of energy it can carry. The heated gems can be distinguished by small red tints.

The Sun god

Citrine is a very popular stone. One of the reason for that we must suppose that it is because it was considered a merchant stone. It can boost business capabilities in one, it is said that it can help one to obtain wealth if you want it (and nowadays who doesn't) and to keep wealth, if you have it and still want it. But it is a shame that we do not see how much more there is this beautiful earths creation. There are much more to say about citrine, than only its power to attract riches and treasures.