Why become a member

Our vision is to create an internet community for people with a love of jewellery, gemstones and crystal energy, who want to connect and learn more about the history, characters and beliefs surrounding gemstones. The RubyCharm journal and social network blogs will provide people who enjoy the special and mythical stories of crystals with a place where they can share their thoughts, knowledge and desires with others. We want to build a virtual society for those who enjoy beautifully designed jewellery, unusual and lyrical descriptions, informed analysis, creative stories and photographs. This society will guide its members in finding the unique piece of jewellery they seek, in an unusual and innovative way. We will also invite its members to contribute to our blog, offering their own insights and opinions.


Because of this, RubyCharm is active in all major social networks, constantly adding new topics of interest for its members and followers. We aim to represent the originality and uniqueness of RubyCharm, until it becomes synonymous with beauty, artistry and individuality. Our vibrant and active blogging community will reflect this. We do not pretend that our goal isn’t also to sell our jewellery. Crafting beautiful jewellery is our passion and the basis of our project. But at RubyCharm, it’s not all about profit. Our aspiration is to share energy and ideas across the world, until we all start speaking the unique language of gemstones.


It is important to us that we achieve a special relationship with the entire internet community. This means that we want to establish personal relationships with each and every member of our network, to reflect the philosophy of RubyCharm. Our concept is very special and unique, just as each individual is. We believe that everyone has a personal gemstone waiting for them. Our task is to find it together.


Of course, we will always conduct ourselves with good taste, respecting the privacy and personal data of our members. To read our Privacy policy.


You can already find RubyCharm on many social networks. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, We Heart It, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, VK, Medium, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Reedit and Stumble Upon. We will soon expand to other major social networks, including Foursquare, Delicious and Bubblews, and to other online communities which correlate with our sensibilities. However, our primary goal is to gather the community on our site www.rubycharm.com, and the blog that we have launched. Members who follow us on a social network, or are subscribed to our newsletter, will receive a complementary RubyCharm membership card. Please read more about RubyCharm membership cards.