All We Need is Love

Among us there is always that one person. She giggles to herself, watching..... the world with a sincere yet distant twinkle in her eyes, smiling thoughtfully even when there seems to be no reason. In a soft voice she sings delicate lullabies, reads poetry while others read newspapers. She walks in the rain with no umbrella and helps those in need. To every call she answers with great anticipation and she does not sleep at night, but in the morning she is still fresh and rested. This is the person who is in love.

This is a ring of friendship and true, devoted, realized love. If you seek it, you shall find; if you need, it will come. If you have it, you are lucky, if you lose it, you will know what you have lost. 

Craft properties

Name:   All we Need is Love
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   Magnificent ring made of green emeralds and green quartz, all alive and singing about love.
Ring size:   17.45mm diameter (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Not self-adjustable
Size of ring head:   29x28x11mm
Gemstones:   Prasiolite stone
Size of gemstones: 13x10mm shape oval
Gemstones:   Prasiolite stone
Size of gemstones: 16x11mm shape oval
Gemstones:   Prasiolite stone
Size of gemstones: 17x10mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Four Emerald stones
Size of gemstones: 5x3mm shape pear
Weight:   14.86g
Rubycharm gift   Ruby charm cube chest

Gems and Crystals

Emerald - Emerald of superior quality must be absolutely clean and transparent and such examples are, of course, rare and very expensive...Read more about Emerald in jewellery.


Prasiolite - Otherwise also referred to as the green quartz or green amethyst, but the latter can be considered as a misnomer, but usual for crystal trade...Read more about Prasiolite properties.

RubyCharm Unique

This ring is part of Rubycharm:

Sun Bright collection


In these jewels refracts sunlight, it illuminates and brings warmth. Since ancient times, these crystals people used to wake mind and open new horizons of thoughts, intuition, imagination and depth. In ancient times of darkness it brought Light, and from the light emerged knowledge and understanding. Today we have so much knowledge, and yet nothing has changed - we still need sunlight to shovel away the darkness that finds the nooks and crannies to hide.

The unique legend of prasiolite spider

It was believed that prasiolite brings vision to those who have the innate gift of seeing the things to come, to reveal lees of time and whiffs of future winds. There is a legend that comes to us from distant lands about a boy who received a gift from his uncle, a stone spider carved out of prasiolite by the skillful hands of an old master....Read more about legend of prasiolite spider


This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 240.00€

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