Mind Arrow

This pendant is dedicated to the power of the mind. These gemstones connected in silver frame will make logic sharp, perception clear and comprehensive. Such a mind brings a better understanding of the world around us. Understanding gives us courage to feel unconstrained love and glittering joy. That's why we want to free the mind of his discipline, to give him or her far-sightedness and enthusiasm. which will make the world a more beautiful place. And such a sharp mind like lightning.

Craft properties

Name:   Mind Arrow
Model:   Pendant
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   Amethyst and blue topaz gemstones in silver frame pendant, unique piece.
Complete size:   50x15x8mm
Gemstones:   Amethyst
Size of gemstones: 14mm shape round
Gemstones:   Amethyst 
Size of gemstones: 10mm shape trillion
Gemstones:   Blue Topaz
Size of gemstones: 10x7mm shape barion
Weight:   11.97g
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Gems and Crystals

Amethyst - Ancient Greeks believed that Dionysus created amethyst. He was drawn to a girl called Amethyst, whom by desire and lust he could not resist....Read more amethyst history and myth

Blue Topaz - Its hardness is 8 on Mohs scale making it one of the hardest minerals in the gemstone world.....Read about topaz science facts

RubyCharm Unique

This pendant is part of RubyCharm jewellery

Purple Rain collection

In these gems of celestial energies are peculiar ways, breadth and a unity of spirit and energy. They bring unreachable distances closer, and open a passage for our spirit to roam planes that had only been glimpsed in the imagination, and to see wonders that had not. However, these roads are open before us, and every journey begins with the first step.


The ancient Greeks believed in the exceptional strength of the stone, while the Renaissance man was convinced that topaz has the power to disperse and seems to dissipate anger and rage. In India for centuries it has been believed that topaz should be worn as an amulet or near the heart, as this ensures a long life, wisdom and beauty....Read about topaz belifs and lore


The man of at least fifty years, with tired eyes, tips the jug and the colours are back again.  While I mourn, I will deprive him of sleep as long as there is wine, or consciousness in me. I’ve never keeled over from drinking, but have seen others achieve it. What a great skill!  Read compete Rubycharm tale about Amethyst and Dionysus.

This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 194.00€

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