The Clairvoyant

The power of clairvoyance has fascinated mankind since the beginning of our time. Knowing what the future holds is a grand gift, and many true and false prophets have tried this magic. Shamans and sorcerers were respected above all else. Some abused the naiveté and fear of common folk. Others, gifted but undesireable in our time of science, spoke of events that have not yet come to pass. Some were admired and called Messiahs; some were burned at the stake. Often both.

These gemstones are coupled in this ring of silver with an inspired attempt to invoke visions of the future. Pearl invokes the spiritual rebirth we need to overcome the borders of time, Onyx opens the doors to future events, and Tourmalinated Quartz conjures the ways of old shamans. Together, these gemstones provide the power to hear the story that future holds.

However, we should not forget that the ability to see future events is a valuable but dangerous gift. Approach it with great respect and humility.

Craft properties

Name:   The Clairvoyant
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   Onyx, tourmalinated quartz and pearl set together in silver to help us discover the future.
Ring size:   17.5mm diameter (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Easy self adjustable size
Width of ring   6mm
Size of ring head:   28x24x9mm
Gemstones:   Pearl
Size of gemstones: 20x15mm shape pear irregular
Gemstones:   Tourmalined Quartz
Size of gemstones: 10x8mm shape oval
Gemstones:   Onyx
Size of gemstones: 12x9mm shape oval
Weight:   10.51g
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Gems and Crystals

Onyx`s, with all its might and energy glowing within this beautiful yet mysterious mineral, colors can vary from a powerful bright red, to a deep and profound black. This light-eating crystal is a variety of layered chalcedony alongside Agate....Read more about Onyx features

The cosmological function of pearls has been known since Vedean times. Atharva Veda (IV, 10) speaks about shells and pearls: Born of the wind, the air, of lightning, and of the light, may this pearl shell born of gold, protect us from fright! ...Read more about Pearls lore and symbolism

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From ancient times these gems were symbols of creation and genesis. Fetched from that cradle of life, the sea, they were dedicated to the powerful and brazen goddesses of love, and to the life-giving feminine power, which man does not and cannot understand. The power of these jewels is felt on the palm of your hand, and in your eyes and heart.

This piece is one of a kind …unique

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