Lavish Hand

A lavish hand is a hand of givers. To have the right to receive, we have to know how to give. Lavish hand has a merry holder, one that will bathe in plenty of its own goodness and nobility.

Craft properties

Name:   Lavish Hand
Model:   Bracelet
Metal body:   Chrome
Short description:   Wonderful Amethyst gemstone set in an amazing bracelets
Gemstones:   Amethyst
Size of gemstones: 9mm shape bead
Weight:   31g
Rubycharm gift   Jewel square box

Gems and Crystals

Ancient Greeks believed that Dionysus created amethyst. He was drawn to a girl called Amethyst, whom by desire and lust he could not resist...Read about Amethyst myth.

RubyCharm Unique

This bracelet is part of RubyCharm jewellery

Purple Rain collection


In these gems of celestial energies are peculiar ways, breadth and a unity of spirit and energy. They bring unreachable distances closer, and open a passage for our spirit to roam planes that had only been glimpsed in the imagination, and to see wonders that had not. However, these roads are open before us, and every journey begins with the first step.


Again the day comes. Just going in circles, no meaning in it. I do not like the day, night is my time... Read our interesting story about Amethyst and Dionysus. 


Selling Price: 29.00€

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