Crown Jewel

The gemmology and jewel market determined precisely which gems have the highest value. Features of purity, weight, shine, colour and rarity are those that will define how a particular stone is valued. However, there is something too elusive for scientific classifications, tables and taxonomies. It’s a feeling that arises when we see a gem. It is a different and unique experience for each of us, and it is indescribable. At that point, we know which is the right stone for us, the one that suits us, the one which is worthy. It becomes personal. And so, this gem signifies perfection for us, and belongs to us before we even claim it. It becomes then our own Crown Jewel.

Craft properties

Name:   Crown Jewel
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   A perfect and potent Amethyst jewel set in regal silver frame.
Ring size:   18.45mm diameter (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Not self-adjustable
Width of ring   4-6mm
Size of ring head:   15x13x10mm
Gemstones:   Amethyst
Size of gemstones: 12x12mm square cut
Weight:   11.45g
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Gems and Crystals

Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst charms to protect them in battle and in Great Britain, beads of amethyst were found in numerous old Saxon tombs. It is yet believed that amethysts can cool hotheaded persons into calmness....Read more about Amethyst in beliefs and folklore

RubyCharm Unique

This ring is part of RubyCharm jewellery:

Purple Rain collection


In these gems of celestial energies are peculiar ways, breadth and a unity of spirit and energy. They bring unreachable distances closer, and open a passage for our spirit to roam planes that had only been glimpsed in the imagination, and to see wonders that had not. However, these roads are open before us, and every journey begins with the first step.


Strange indeed are those sprays of red. Sometimes thick and oily as blood, other times dark as cuttlefish ink, and just when you think it has reached its final instance as it should, in that opaque blackness, Hades darkness, the Sun again changes it into hues of purple... Read the story about Amethyst and Dionysus.


This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 184.00€

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