Packaging information

Please see beautiful Rubycharm packaging boxes:





Everything that we post, and this goes without saying, will be protected and safely delivered to you. We use one external hard carbon box, one internal

decorative RubyCharm box, that you can see on the photo above, and enough bubble wrap so everything will be delivered to you safely and unharmed (and that you have enough bubble wrap to for popping too). Of course we will guarantee this - that it will be delivered safely, not that you will have enough bubble wrap for popping.


RubyCharm Gift: With every product we sell, you will receive a complementary gift box. In the information section of Rubycharm jewellery piece selling page that we call "About this wonderful craft" you can read which jewellery box gift will be sent to you as a gift. You can also review all jewellery boxes in your


Let us present to you Rubycharm jewellery boxes:



You can chose another packaging for your piece too. Some will be additionally charged, some will be free with your order.