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We want to be clear – RubyCharm is a user-friendly online store.

Our aim is to sell the jewellery that we offer, because without that, there is no economically justified project, and without profit it is not possible to exist. All functions of the shop are ready to use. We offer: the highest

-           the highest level of data security

-           the fastest delivery system available

-           a customer privacy guarantee



Also, all payment methods are available, to make things easier for customers.




But RubyCharm website brings you more than that! We have tried to do something more, something new, to make a much more significant leap. You will find the same dynamism and originality in the features and functionality of our store as you will see in the originality, exceptionality and potency in our jewellery. We have tried to break away from the established style of online sales, as you will see...We believe that we have done more than that: we have created new possibilities that will be hard to find on any online store or even anywhere else on the net.




This Help section explains the features of our site.

First, please note that all the functions provided on the site are real and authentic. There are no gimmicks or marketing tricks. We have created knowledge bases that give insight and valuable information about the precious stones and crystals – and their historical, symbolic, geological and esoteric significance. All the options available on the RubyCharm website are described in this Help section – everything is the ‘real deal’. Enjoy the RubyCharm magical gemstone world of uniqueness and artistry.



Name and description of our jewellery crafts



‘What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ But this is the Name that belongs to every being, and is an inseparable part of it. Man, bird, flower and stone all have it alike...and the only question is whether we recognize it and know how to pronounce it.

So, each piece of RubyCharm jewellery is a one-off, and has its own name, which belongs to that piece alone.

This name is unique and it comes from how we heard it said from its vivid midst. Names are as individual as people. Each person is different and special, just like every gemstone, although both are part of one, complete and grand wholeness. Thus each name speaks about the characteristics of the jewellery, not only decorating it but fitting it, describing it and belonging to it. With your jewellery, you will get the name too, because it is inseparable..



The description for each piece of jewellery comes from the qualities we have seen in the gems that are a part of that piece. These are singular words, songs about precious stones and their energy, modest descriptions of their impact on the world and how they fit in it. Our gemstones emit energy, they burn with power and life, and each tells its own story. We've heard these words, and passed them on to you.


Photoslider display


This is one of our website’s special features, allowing us to upload a large number of high-quality photos. The RubyCharm Photoslider display reveals more than 300 of our products. Watch the beauty of RubyCharm unfold as the images appear on your screen, one-by-one, expressing the unprocessed, raw colours and shapes as they are. The images show you the jewellery as it is, so you know exactly what to expect if you buy any of our pieces. The photos aim to suggest the dynamism present in the stones, and the life force that resides in our crystals. Using the best possible resolution and image quality helps in conveying this power to the eye. Therefore, all we reveal is alive, pure and true to reality,


Photoslider navigation

The arrows on the left and right of the screen will allow you to go back or accelerate through the Photoslider display.

The button See about this craft takes you to a page that gives detailed information on the chosen piece of jewellery, the gemstones, the characteristics of the piece, and the collection to which it belongs. You will also see the mythological and mystical meanings, and Unique RubyCharm stories section for each jewellery item.

By hovering over the Information button (the small lightbulb placed above See about this craft), you can pause the slider to look at an image for longer. The same will happen if you use Fine Slider RubyCharm quest.

There is also an Add to wish list button that allows you to add the pieces that catch your eye, and compare them later. For this option you need to be logged in.


Fine slider RubyCharm quest


This is one of the unique features of the RubyCharm online customer experience. It involves selecting answers to a series of questions in order to discover the piece of jewellery most befitting to your needs, your nature and your energy sensibility. When you answer a question, our program performs an exhaustive search in the database to find the right combination of gemstones or precious stones that match each response. When you’ve answered all the questions, you'll know the piece of jewellery that is right for you, and was designed to fulfil your needs and match your personality. Do you believe in magic? You will when you see how the magic of both the modern and the traditional are united in the same goal: the amalgam of the virtual and esoteric worlds.

Once you’ve answered a question, you will see a number of crafts appearing below it that will also be shown at the same time on the Photoslider fine display. Each new answer further refines the selection until you reach the one that is perfect for you. To achieve this high level of matching, we’ve created a database of more than 30,000 information, containing information on human nature and psychology, on sensibilities, beliefs and knowledge, as well as on the feelings that you will feel holding every gemstone, every combination, every shape and every craft.

If, at any time, you want to restart your search, simply click on the reset button and start again, or click on the Change questions button to instantly change all the questions.


Search Filters


In addition to the usual types of search filters, for example, to search for a specific gemstone, the filters also allow for the following searches of RubyCharm jewellery:

Zodiac will search for pieces of jewellery that correspond with a certain zodiac sign. The Birthstone search will result in jewellery to suit those who were born in a certain month, and searches by chakra will result in jewellery that can influence the chakra of your choice.

Sexual allure will call up the RubyCharm jewellery that holds the key to enhancing your physical state, sensibility and sexuality.

Influence on Love issues - will summon the jewellery and precious stones that can intensify the magic of love.

Choosing symbolic and ancient meanings, will take you to the RubyCharm jewellery that explores symbols, folklore and ancient  beliefs.

The energy elements will reveal the kind of energy emitted by each piece of jewellery in RubyCharm world.


Soon to come…


Some parts of our virtual stores are still under construction as part of our plan to create something truly unique. We will introduce further types of product searches, and launch an amazing project called Our RubyCharm world of quests that will offer tantalising new opportunities, even more exciting than the Photoslider fine slider quest.

Also, on the right side of the screen when you scroll down the Home page, you will see two short blogs. These are only the beginning of a large project we are currently working on. You can look forward to lots of beautiful themes and stories about precious stones that come from the edge of time, and that were forgotten and found again for you. Some of these stories are already present on the pages about precious stones, and on the Jewellery page under the title RubyCharm Unique. And soon, we will introduce a blog page for you to participate in. We are preparing so much new and interesting content, and we do not want to spoil the surprise end - so stay with us.