No photo retouch policy



Most websites offering jewellery, use graphics software for photograph enhancement. Instead of presenting a ‘likeness’ of the piece as it appears to the eye, to give you as true an impression as possible, the item looks artificial somehow; the colours, unnatural. It has no flaws. The metal does not look real, and neither do the stones. It is clear that the item cannot really look like that. Nothing can.


The images of our RubyCharm jewellery represent the item as accurately as possible. We aim to give you the best possible idea of how the pieces look to the eye without disguising any flaws. We do not hide behind pristine images, but proudly show our products as they are. All the photographs on our Website are taken in natural light to show the actual details of the jewellery item as clearly as possible. Our photographers are true artists, working with lots of love and care. We get out of the sterile studio environment with its artificial lights and show are jewellery in natural settings, under the Sun, and on the Earth from which it came. We show true gemstone details. In some cases, gems are left in a rough form, enabling them to bring more energy and meaning to you than if they were cut and shaped.


We guarantee that the Product photographs precisely and explicitly represent the offered jewellery and gemstones. These images have not in any way been adjusted, developed, modified or revised using any photo-editing software, nor were they artificially ‘enhanced’ using photo processing tools, to make the Crafts appear perfect and unreal. The photographs on our website represent the items we offer as accurately as possible, except in rare cases when it is clearly stated that there are some minor differences. We clean Crafts AFTER we sell them to you and not photos BEFORE we sell. Therefore small details and even flaws can be seen. We sell jewellery that is crafted by hand to bring out the inherent qualities of the minerals that are unique in each gem, and are shown in the photographs. It is these unique characteristics that give our pieces of jewellery an attractive charm to the wearer who feels attuned to it. Certain photos are enlarged many times to display any peculiarities that may not be visible to the naked eye. Such individual details set these pieces apart, distinguishing them from others that are machine-made with many identical copies, all lacking in character. We will issue a legally binding certificate to this effect.