Green World

These stones are a symbol of our struggle to keep Earth enviroment healthy, as....we found it. It is said that we didn't inherit the Earth from our ancesteros, but we borrowed it from our descendants. We should keep this in mind. "Green, how I desire you, green....
Green wind. Green branches.
The ship upon the sea
and the horse in the mountains."

Please don’t throw garbage at my world! This is the message from RubyCharm, like so many other, little hope it will really be heard.

Don’t do it in nature, when you think nobody is watching, neither in the city, as somebody will clean it up. Don’t come to my country and do it, or any other, because you don’t like it, neither do it in yours, because you think it is yours. Just don’t do it, because you are dirtying the world of your children, and it will never be cleaned!

Craft properties

Name:   Green World
Model:   Bracelets combo
Short description:   Bracelets as a symbol of our struggle to keep Earth environment healthy.
Gemstones:   Morganite
Weight:   26.35g
Gemstones:   Clear Quartz
Weight:   28.77g
Gemstones:   Smokey Quartz
Weight:   20.87g
Total weight:   75.79g
Rubycharm gift:   Jewel grid square box

Gems and Crystals

Pliny the Elder, the Roman naturalist, believed that quartz is actually ice so deeply frozen that it cannot possibly be thawed, and his belief was substantiate by finding crystals close to glacier in the Alps....Read more about Clear Quartz beliefs

Characteristically, Smokey Quartz often has rutile inclusions, that is, needle-like crystals, which are commonly found as inclusions in minerals such as quartz and corundum. Synthetic smoked quartz cannot be produced....Read more about natural Smokey Quartz

RubyCharm Unique

These bracelets are part of RubyCharm:

Crystal Jewellery collection


All crystal jewellery collection. Explore and understand the power of crystal influence of your mind, body, chakra and spirit.

All crystals were handpicked before we set them into various form of jewellery and crafts. We have searched for alive and vivid energy in crystals. Enjoy the wonderful world of Rubycharm crystals. Everything in our on line shop is made by hand, and from potent and energetic crystals and gemstones.

In some old books, burried in library corners, we found an odd and unbelievable story about smokey quartz.

But it is also a story about human togetherness....Read Scotish Smokey Quartz tale

Stories about fairies are many. So many men dreamt about those wood enchantrise, so many tales were forged so one might ask: how we still don't believe they exist, and call all those stories fairy tales. One of those "FAIRY TALES" found a way to our site. It is about a man and his burden. It is timeless, and we don't know if and when it happened, yet witness say it is all true...Read this fairy tale about man, fairies, and crystal quartz

Selling Price: 49.99€

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