Cosmic Powers

In those jewels we have gathered cosmic energies - Moon, Sun and Earth, and some stones of extraterrestrial origins. In those gems cosmic powers reside.

Craft properties

Name:   Cosmic Powers
Model:   Bracelets combo
Short description:   In those gems cosmic powers reside
Gemstones:   3 x Black Tourmaline
Weight:   9.53g
Gemstones:   Moonstone
Weight:   6.88g
Gemstones:   Sunstone
Weight:   11.21g
Total weight:   27.62g
Rubycharm gift:   2 x Jewel grid square box

Gems and Crystals

Tourmaline is known for the diversity of its colors. There are even some gemologist that counted over fifty beautiful and attractive colors and shades of tourmaline. Under different kind of light, daylight or artificial light, tourmaline often changes its colours....Read more about Tourmaline colours

Sunstone, as the name suggests, captivates with its special glow, in the overflow of red, orange and golden yellow tones...Read about Sunstone gold shine

If the stone is more transparent, more blue in its adularescence, the bigger the value will be. By far the most beautiful and valuable moonstones are those which are colourless, transparent and have a strong blue sheen...Read about Moonstone blues

RubyCharm Unique

These bracelets are part of RubyCharm:

Crystal Jewellery collection


All crystal jewellery collection. Explore and understand the power of crystal influence of your mind, body, chakra and spirit.

All crystals were handpicked before we set them into various form of jewellery and crafts. We have searched for alive and vivid energy in crystals. Enjoy the wonderful world of Rubycharm crystals. Everything in our on line shop is made by hand, and from potent and energetic crystals and gemstones.

Selling Price: 74.99€

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