Divine and Tender

Many symbols met in this pendant; much power resides in these crystals. This is the power of goodness and tenderness, dedicated to deep thoughts and love for this magnificent planet. If we could unite this within all of us, these forces would help us ascend to the divine planet, to unknown heights. The reach is so marvelous that we almost do not dare believe that this can be achieved, even more so because it actually all begins with a gentle touch, kind words, and the small kindness that we all possess, and that we can show. 

Craft properties

Name:   Divine and Tender
Model:   Pendant
Metal body:   Silver sterling
Short description:   Titanium aura, quartz, moonstone and amethyst combines well in this pendant of divinity.
Complete size:   47x26x8mm
Gemstones:   Titanium Aura Quartz
Size of gemstones: 17x12mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Amethyst 
Size of gemstones: 9x6mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Amethyst 
Size of gemstones: 7x5mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Clear Quartz
Size of gemstones: 6x6mm shape square
Gemstones:   Two Moonstone gemstones
Size of gemstones: 8x6mm shape oval
Weight:   13.55g
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Gems and Crystals

Titanium Aura Quartz - Titanium quartz or Titanium Aura is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing titanium crystals with heat and vacuum to quartz to give it its gorgeous rainbow coloring. It will keep most of the QUARTZ crystal properties, adding some new, mostly perceverence and stenght related features. It is called also Titanium aura Quartz.

Moonstone - Moonstone has always been very popular and respected in India as a sacred stone....Read more about Moonstone in myths and folklore

Quartz - The original name of quartz, crystal, comes from ancient Greek. The word is kristalos, which means ice, or according to some authors, crystalline waters...Read more about Quartz mineral and its atributes

Amethyst - Seen on the rings of Christian bishops, it is an allusion to the description of the Apostles as "not drunk", yet it has not been said to keep them sober after heavy mead filled nights....Read more about this gemstone amethyst facts and tales

RubyCharm Unique


This pendant is part of RubyCharm jewellery:

Blue Moonstone Light collection


This gem originated by the forces of the Moon, and wears her silhouette in its midst. Traditionally, it was used to awaken the powers of magic and clairvoyance. It mantles the veil of secrets, spilling silver dust and opening the hidden passages of power. Of course, these are all old beliefs and superstitions, mere folk tales. But why, when pressed to the palm, does it evoke shadows of the future?


Strange indeed are those sprays of red. Sometimes thick and oily as blood, other times dark as cuttlefish ink, and just when you think it has reached its final instance as it should, in that opaque blackness, Hades darkness, the Sun again changes it into hues of purple... Read interesting tale about Amethyst and Dionysus.

This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 210.00€

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