Deep Lake Calmness

In deep, blue, perfectly still lake there are only creases of clouds reflecting from the sky. Nothing disturbs the serenity, no  one dares to upset the beauty that prevails. Total silence descends. Colours are spilled, as oozing, and to each the greatest Painter of all added cobalt of lakes and skies. Time stops. Nothing can ever disturb this image.
When I come back, for a long time I carry those images in my memory. And when they do vanish overran by time that is oblivious to calmness and patience, a sense of serenity for a long time remains in my heart, and helps the day pass as the whole world was with me on that lake, and took small part of peace and azure which there prevailed. *
* Meditation testimony


Craft properties

Name:   Deep Lake Calmness
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver Sterling 925
Short description:   Labradorite and Zircon stones in ring of silver, bringing serenity to its beholder.
Ring size:   18mm (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Not self-adjustable
Width of ring   1.5-2mm
Size of ring head:   31x15x10mm
Gemstones:   Labradorite
Size of gemstones: 13x9mm shape oval
Gemstones:   Zircone 
Size of gemstones: 9x diameter 1mm shape round
Weight:   5.73g
Rubycharm gift   Ruby charm cube chest

Gems and Crystals

Labradorite is calcium-wealthy mineral that is admired for the so-called schillers effect, a rich display of lustrous colours, where blue is prevailing on the surface. This phenomenon is also known as labradorescence, is caused by the light entering the mineral and bouncing back and forth within the mineral....Read more about Labradorite features


In the Middle Ages, it was believed that zircon aided in a calm sleep, and that it provided wealth as well as promoted honour and wisdom for the one who possessed it... Read more about Zircon beliefs.

RubyCharm Unique

This ring is part of RubyCharm collection:

Kaleidoscopic collection


Imbued in these jewels, it is said, are images of the temple of stars. And indeed, if you look closely, you will see reflections from the ends of the universe. This light gives knowledge of things past and of things not yet come to pass, and gives the ability to reach not only unknown distances but also the warmth of closeness. When you peer deeply into this quiver, you will see the reflection of your eyes amongst the stars.


Does the day that changes your whole life, that particular day after which nothing is the same any more, when there is no turning back to how it once was, dawn like any other, ordinary day? Read our interesting story about Labradorite underground world.

This piece is one of a kind …unique

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