Vigor of Clear Intention

Kyanite, Moonstone and Blue Chalcedony, brought to you as symbols of power of.... sincerity, patience and clear intentions. Nothing is so proud, calm and gentle as an innocent and pure being.

Craft properties

Name:   Vigor of Clear Intention
Model:   Pendant
Metal body:   Chrome
Short description:   Kyanite, Moonstone and Blue Chalcedony, brought to you as symbols of power of sincerity and clear intentions.
Complete size:   65x25x8mm
Gemstones:   Blue Chalcedony
Size of gemstones: 25x20mm shape oval
Gemstones:   Kyanite
Size of gemstones: 25x11mm shape baguette
Gemstones:   Moonstone
Size of gemstones: 13mm shape cabochon
Weight:   16.07g
Rubycharm gift   Jewel grid large box

Gems and Crystals

Among the Romans, the moonstone was also praised because it was believed that it was truly made of moonlight, and he had a significant role in jewellery making in ancient Rome as well... Read more aboutMoonstone history

The name of this precious stone comes from the Greek word "Kyanos" meaning deep blue and really speaks worlds about the typical blue colour this gem has... Read more about Kyanite gemstone

The name probably comes from the Greek city of Chalcedon, on the Bosphorus. The Greek word ‘chalcedony’ is mentioned in the Book of Revelation, although it is not possible to say with certainty whether it was the same mineral now known under this name... Read about Chalcedony etymology

RubyCharm Unique

This stoThis Pendant is part of RubyCharm Jewellery:

Blue Moonstone Light collection


This gem originated by the forces of the Moon, and wears her silhouette in its midst. Traditionally, it was used to awaken the powers of magic and clairvoyance. It mantles the veil of secrets, spilling silver dust and opening the hidden passages of power. Of course, these are all old beliefs and superstitions, mere folk tales. But why, when pressed to the palm, does it evoke shadows of the future?

 There is one strory coming to us from ancient Rome...The brilliant young student of the stern teacher, Scevola, showed courage by taking the case nobody wanted, a case that easily consumes your reputation and dignity, maybe more: in dark times like these, an unwary one can meet a knife in the shadows... Read more about Chalcedony Ciceron story

We found this story about Kyanite in some old textbook. How this confession was writen, we don't know, as it comes from another world. Maybe somebody came back to tell the tale, maybe somebody had a vision coming from after life... It remains a mistery.....It has always been said that my guardian angel, my protector, is God’s Archangel, Michael.  And contrary to my belief that I deserved no special attention, those who attributed greater meaning to that, considered me blessed and respected me more during my life... Read more about Kyanite story  

Selling Price: 125.00€

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