Delivery Information

Where do we deliver goods


As we said, RubyCharm UG is located in Germany, in the lovely town of Baden-Baden. It is in the very middle of Europe, so we can deliver in no time to any location in Europe.

But, we will deliver our crafts and products literally anywhere in the world. Please see our time to deliver to all usual locations in the world.


Country Days to deliver   Country Days to deliver   Country Days to deliver   Country Days to deliver
Egypt 15   Germany 1-2   Kuwait 10-14   Romania 7-9
Andorra 6-9   Gibraltar 5-8   Letonia 5-7   Russia 10-14
Armenia 10-14   Greece 5-7   Liechtenstein 4-6   San Marino 6-9
Azerbaijan 12-14   Greenland 7-9   Lithuania 5-7   Saudi Arabia 10-15
Bahrein 12-15   Hungary 4-5   Luxemburg 3-4   Sweden 3
Belarus 11-14   Hongkong 12-14   Macau 12-14   Switzerland 3
Belgium 2-3   India 12-16   Malaysia 10-14   Serbia 9-14
Bosnia and Herzegovina 14-16   Ireland 4-5   Malta 5-7   Singapore 8-12
Bulgaria 6-9   Iceland 6-8   Macedonia 10-16   Slovakia 3
Czech Republic 2-3   Israel 10-14   Mexico 10-14   Slovenia 3
China 14-16   Italy 4   Moldova 12-15   Spain 5-7
Cyprus 12-16   Japan 12-14   Monaco 3-4   South Africa 10-14
Denmark 2-4   Jordan 10-14   Montenegro 9-14   Taiwan 10-14
Estonia 10-12   Canada 12-14   Netherlands 3   Thailand 14-16
Falkland Islands 14-19   Kazakhstan 12-16   Norway 7-10   Turkey 12-15
Finland 5   Qatar 10-14   Austria 2-3   Ukraine 10-22
France 4   South Korea 12-14   Poland 2-3   United Arab Emirates 10-14
Georgia 14-16   Croatia 6-8   Portugal 5-7   United Kingdom 2-3
                  USA 10-14
Stated days of delivery is guranteed by posting company. What we cannot take account for is diligance of custom service at you country of domicile, if you live outside EU. For this, please see our Customs information


If you cannot find your country here, please see our complete DHL overview.



What posting company we use


We use DHL standard posting services, using DHL GoGreen, an ecological aware service. Information about this company end their services you can find at:

After you order our products, the payment has been cleared, it will take us up to one business day to process and send the your order. You will be regularly notified by email what is the status of your order, and where it is located. But, if you want to find out for yourself, you will be given a DHL tracking number, so you can go to or to the track&trace service of DHL, and find out for yourself.


Do we charge for shipment


Yes we do. We charge flat rates depending of the country of destination, your membership prerogatives and value of your order. For shipment of certain value you will enjoy our complementary shipment Please see our overview for all charged posting.



Should I calculate shipping fees by myself


There is not need for that. When you enter country of destination, your address, site software will calculate everything for you, and you will be informed about exact posting fees, and it will be included in your order payment. If you have any other questions, please review our Terms of sale, or Contact our customer service via email, post or phone, and we will be happy to help.


What is included in price


When you chose item to order, you will be shown all payments that will be deducted from your credit card, account, or PayPal account when you accept the payment. For all information please read our Terms of sale.

To the price of the item(s), we will add USt -  VAT tax of 19% as per German law (but only if goods are delivered to destination country in EU), and posting charges, or not, in accordance with overview above.


Should I be worried about custom process


No, why would you. We prepare documentation for customs clearance, and guarantee your delivery. We will return your money if you don't get delivery on time. Please read our Terms of sale.

As much as we cannot guarantee how much time the process will take in each country outside EU (EU customers don't have to pay any custom fees), it is usually a straightforward process in most of countries we deliver. It will ordinarily take 2-3 days, and if custom fees are charged, it is regularly around 4% of shipment value, and many countries has higher minimum custom value then our average value of shipment, so you will not pay anything. However, if you are a customer outside EU, you don't pay VAT in Germany, and we will not charge it, but your customs officers might charge you import VAT. Usually, you will pay any custom fees and tax when the goods are delivered to you, and we cannot influence this process. But, as I said, it is usually an easy and straightforward process that will not influence costs of purchase or time of delivery significantly. For regulation in your respective country you should inform yourself, and at the end, we cannot take any responsibility for it. Yet, you should not be worried about the custom process, and not allow this formality to stand on path of your true desires.