Poseidon's Gift

Gift brought to us by clear seas, place where life and love were born. Blue and transparent - in these colors resides old deities that ruled the world by strong, firm but fair hands. They use to wipe out by storm sinners in times when they could still be distinguished. We are now left only to invoke their old gifts, and remember the power that they wore. In the blue Aquamarine and transparent Clear Quartz lies power of one Poseidon's gift.

Craft properties

Name:   Poseidon's Gift
Model:   Pendant
Metal body:   Chrome
Short description:   Beautiful pendant made of Aquamarine and Clear Quartz Gemstones
Complete size:   42.5x23x12mm
Gemstones:   Aquamarine
Size of gemstones: 22x12mm shape rough
Gemstones:   Clear Quartz
Size of gemstones: 13x9mm shape oval
Weight:   10.58g
Rubycharm gift:   Jewel cube box

Gems and Crystals

In Europe rhinestones were made from quartz pebbles that were found on the shores of river Rhine, hence the name rhinestone... Read more about Clear Quartz facts.

Aquamarine, means literally "sea water" in Latin, and the gem so named is the most common representative of beryl, a group of minerals whose most respected representative is the emerald... Read more about Aquamarine properties and etymology.

RubyCharm Unique

This pendant is part of RubyCharm jewellery:


Deep Sees collection



Gems carry the song of the sea and the rush of the wind playing in the distant deeps. They quietly echo the sound of the waves and the silence of the calm. No silence tells the tale more eloquently than the one spoken by the open sea. That silence unfurls the tale of creation itself and of the first spoken word; it reveals stories from ancient times.

Stories about fairies are many. So many men dreamt about those forest enchantress, so many tales were forged so one might ask: how we still don't believe they exist, and call all those stories fairy tales. One of those "FAIRY TALES" found a way to our site. It is about a man and his burden. It is timeless, and we don't know if and when it happened, yet witness say it is all true...Read this fairy tale about man, fairies, and crystal quartz

This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 87.00€

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