Key to your Good Fortune

Who holds the keys of the Universe? Why are we here, and where do we go from here? Are we just insignificant fragments, tender and short-lived candle lights who will extinguish forever not leaving behind any trace of their existence? Or we are part of something greater? Will we ever deduce codes written in  the stars? World is filled with questions that remains unanswered. Will we ever find keys to the knowledge of the world, it is hard to predict, but we should be aware that we already hold keys to our lives. And every key needs a key ring, so here is a key ring for Key to Your Good Fortune.

Craft properties

Name:   Key to your Good Fortune
Model:   Key Ring
Metal body:   Chrome
Short description:   Aquamarine gemstones set in a  Key ring,  as a symbol of good fortune
Length:   210mm
Gemstones:   Aquamarine 
Size of gemstones: 40x40x25mm shape rough
Weight:   71g

Gems and Crystals

Aquamarine - In ancient Greece, sailors wore talismans of the god of sea Poseidon carved in aquamarine, in order to protect themselves on distant voyages. One such stone was worn by Jason when he went in search of the Golden Fleece with his Argonauts, and another by Theseus in his quest for the country of the Amazons when navigating the treacherous currents of the Black Sea which destroyed so many ships....Read more about Aquamarine in history

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This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 34.00€

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