Nice Way to Be

A woman sits in a small, simple, but clean and beautiful yard. A smile is always caressing her lips. She is surrounded by flowers she grows with her ever-green fingers, and by children playfully whooping around. She doesn't own much, yet her kind and tender eyes always sparkle. It sparkles with happiness, but cannot see.

Not far from there is another woman. She hides from all who seem to know her as if she doesn't know them. Before her is a cup of precious crystal that is always half-empty. A cup made of some precious crystal. Slightly farther away is a man who assumes that he is ruling, not only a nation, but people and the world too. How can he rule though, when he has no true understanding of people? He is actually a slave who is oblivious to his servitude. He sneaks covertly to hear the truth from someone who doesn't work for him, and when he hears it, he cannot believe, he doesn't know how.

No one thinks that happiness is a small thing, and yet we lose it so easily on our travels. And happiness actually resides in many small things found on the way. It is said that these jewels can help you find it, and keep it.

Craft properties

Name:   Nice Way to Be
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   Imperial and red topaz ring, tiny piece of happiness.
Ring size:   17.25mm diameter (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Easy self adjustable size
Width of ring   2.5mm
Size of ring head:   15x14x4mm
Gemstones:   Golden or Imperial Topaz
Size of gemstones: 7x5mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Red Topaz
Size of gemstones: 8x5mm shape cushion
Gemstones:   Brown Topaz
Size of gemstones: 4mm shape round
Gemstones:   Golden or Imperial Topaz
Size of gemstones: 4mm shape round
Weight:   3.44g
Rubycharm gift   Jewel cube box

Gems and Crystals

Imperial Topaz - There are also trade names for this gem so we have Imperial Topaz or Royal topaz whose iridescent colours vary from red and orange to orange-red, and it is also among the most expensive topaz....Read more about Imperial topaz atributes.

RubyCharm Unique

This ring is part of Rubycharm jewellery:

Colours of Rainbow collection

The colours of these gems merge and separate, to meet again, fusing to create new perspectives. Their energies are doubled in this combination, bringing entirely new meanings. The variety is endless, the number of possibilities, infinite. And each one, in its own way, embodies the same quality – beauty.



Imperial topaz, a gem of royalty - Many beliefs are associated with the color of sunset that this beautiful stone usually have....Read more about Imperial topaz gemstone magical featurea on our pages.


This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 111.00€

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