Knowledge is love, light and vision

Set to convey learning focus and perseverance in achieving academic goals, these natural crystals are perfect for those that are facing significant challenges in school, university, or are working in some science projects. Confucius said long time ago that to know what you know and what you do not know is true knowledge.

Craft properties

Name:   Knowledge is love, light and vision
Model:   Bracelets combo
Short description:   set together to convey learning focus and perseverance in achieving academic goals
Gemstones:   Citrine
Weight:   15.53g
Gemstones:   Aquamarine
Weight:   11.35g
Gemstones:   Black Tourmaline
Weight:   9.53g
Total weight:   36.41g
Rubycharm gift:   Jewel grid square box

Gems and Crystals

The Dutch also noticed another interesting feature of Tourmaline, and that is what is called piezoelectricity. That means that Tourmaline creates small charges of electricity when warmed up or cooled down. Because of this, Tourmaline attract cigarette ash so it has been used to make very expensive and effective ashtrays...Read more about Tourmaline unusual features

Citrine is a very popular stone. One of the reason for that we must suppose that it is because it was considered a merchant stone...Read more about Citrine influence in trade

Aquamarine, means literally "sea water" in Latin, and the gem so named is the most common representative of beryl, a group of minerals whose most respected representative is the emerald. What distinguishes aquamarine from the others is the presence of iron in the crystal grid of beryl, but actually, all the representatives of this family are true brothers....Read more about similartity between Aquamarine and Emerald gemstones

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All crystals were handpicked before we set them into various form of jewellery and crafts. We have searched for alive and vivid energy in crystals. Enjoy the wonderful world of Rubycharm crystals. Everything in our on line shop is made by hand, and from potent and energetic crystals and gemstones.

A short tale...Is it true? We are not sure. It came to us unexpected, found in a old book, buried deep in a library, dusty and forgotten. It is a testimony of a lady of a court. It looks like some kind of a gossip, something that today would fill the pages of celebrity magazines. But, somehow, it feels real and alive, much more than any of facts you can find in history books...Read Austrian princess Sissy story

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