The Sun God

No ancient civilization has failed to humbly kneel before the Sun god. Our life... depends on the heat and light that it spills over earthly plains. All life, all creatures of earth, even those that prefer to hide in gloom, depend upon the Sun. It is not challenging to understand why our ancestors raised eyes filled with awe. 
So we recognized the holy presence of the Sun god in the facets of this ring. It is fashioned out of twelve beautiful citrines. Twelve, a number that represents a complete heavenly circle. In this ring we perceived the energy of the sun and the vast beauty of skies and brought them to you as a ring of extraordinary radiance and unique personality.


Craft properties

Name:   The Sun god
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   Magnificent ring made of citrine stones named "The Sun god".
Ring size:   17.5mm diameter (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Easy self adjustable size
Width of ring   7.5mm
Size of ring head:   60x31x4mm
Gemstones:   Dozen Citrine stones
Size of gemstones: Six gems: 10x8mm
Shape of gem:   Oval
    Five gems: 13x11mm
Shape of gem:   Pear shaped
    One gem: 18x10mm
Shape of gem:   Marquise
Weight:   26.07g
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Gems and Crystals

Citrine - Many people have come to know and love this stone under the name gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz, although in actual fact it has very little in common with the higher-quality gemstone topaz - except for a few nuances of colour. Citrine is part of family of quartz, (SiO2) gemstones - silicates. It is actually quite rare in nature, and unstable.  So most of specimens you have on the market are heated to get that attractive redish colours. Treating it like that, alas will lose some of its freshness of energy it can carry. The heated gems can be distinguished by small red tints... Read more about Citrine properties.

RubyCharm Unique

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Breath taking beauty collection


Beauty needs no verses because songs are written in the very eyes of the beholder. It release thoughts, taking them high into the sky, without difficulty, defying gravity. Thus we see the world with quite different eyes. It becomes more beautiful for one beauty more, and therefore immensely more valuable. This is an irreversible path that will lead us to a perfect and ascended world.




Unique Rubycharm story about Citrine:


Although the history of citrine is waived in the history of the topaz it so coincides that at one point long time ago, back at Madeira, were its cradle lies, a young Bavarian princess, married to an Austrian Emperor, known by the name of Sissi, chose no other stone for her  fragile health but the citrine...Read compete Citrine sissy story.  

This piece is called The Sun God. It is made of dozen Citrine‬ stones‬, faceted oval, pear and marquise. Faceting of crystals adds glamour and value, but also focuses energy, giving it precision. And passion without precision is chaos.

This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 450.00€

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