The Power of Free Erotica

Anyolite, Prasiolite and Black Pearl will talk about mystery, and nothing is as erotic as a dash of satisfaction, a dream about caresses, and imagining kisses brought by a mysterious moment. These three stones are designed to release an irresistible eroticism that will bring us to forget all unnecessary inhibitions and taboos.

Craft properties

Name:   The Power of Free Erotica
Model:   Pendant
Metal body:   Chrome
Short description:   Anyolite, Prasiolite and Black Pearl will talk about mystery of an irresistible eroticism
Complete size:   59x19x9mm
Gemstones:   Ruby in Zoisite
Size of gemstones: 24x18mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Two Black Pearl gemstones
Size of gemstones: 6mm shape bead
Gemstones:   Green Amethyst
Size of gemstones: 14x10mm shape barion
Weight:   13.30g
Rubycharm gift   Jewel square box

Gems and Crystals

A stone that occurs very rarely in nature is prasiolite, the green quartz crystal.The name prasiolite comes from the Greek words prason meaning leek, and lithos which means stone... Read more about Prasiolite gemstone 


 The name Tahitian pearl would be more correct as it includes all coloured pearls, but in the lapidary trade it is commonly used as a generic name for all coloured pearls, which can be a little misleading. Nature-made black pearl are extremely rare and it is said it is of beauty without compare...Read more about Black Pearl history

RubyCharm Unique

This Pendant is part of RubyCharm Jewellery:

Red as Fire collection


Fire burns in these gems. When you look deep into their midst, the sharp, crimson reflection is bound to seduce you. Within that flame kindles the quintessence of life borne to you as a gift. When you sense it, every obstacle will become easier, every goal achievable, and every weakness unnecessary.

Selling Price: 104.00€

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