Kind Touch of Stars

Aquamarine, Kunzite, Clear Quartz and Selenite,combined into a magnificent..... pendant, convey a gentle, soothing touch of the stars scattered in a vast Universe. And it it said that stars are our ancestors watching over us, protecting us from above, until we too become free spirits and take our place in eternity. Sometimes, at night, we can feel kind touch of Stars caressing our souls to peaceful sleep.

Craft properties

Name:   Kind Touch of Stars
Model:   Pendant
Metal body:   Chrome
Short description:   Aquamarine, Kunzite, Clear Quartz and Selenite,combined into a magnificent pendant.
Complete size:   58x29x5mm
Gemstones:   Kunzite
Size of gemstones: 22x20mm shape trillion
Gemstones:   Clear Quartz
Size of gemstones: 12x8.5 mm shape pear
Gemstones:   Clear Quartz
Size of gemstones: 7x6mm shape oval
Gemstones:   Selenite
Size of gemstones: 29x7mm shape rough
Gemstones:   Aquamarine
Size of gemstones: 5x5mm shape trillion
Weight:   10.37g
Rubycharm gift   Jewel square box

Gems and Crystals

Kunzite in the jewellery industry can be seen in many different, very interesting shapes and at a very popular price, so most people can afford to have its jewellery... Read more about Kunzite gemstone

 The origin of the modern name for mineral Clear quartz came from the Saxon word "Qerluftertz" meaning "cross-vein-ore," which was later shortened to "Qurertz" - quartz... Read more about Clear Quartz origin 

In ancient Greece, sailors wore talismans of the god of sea Poseidon carved in aquamarine, in order to protect themselves on distant voyages... Read more about Aquamarine history 

The Selenite crystals have obtained their name of the Ancient Greek word Selene which means moon... Read more about Selenite meaning

RubyCharm Unique

This Pendant is part of RubyCharm Jewellery:

Luminous Light collection


It is said that these gems come from ancient times when the world was young. It is believed that they carry the words of our ancestors, which they will whisper to us. We must carefully listen and must not forget, because they not only bear the shadows of our destiny in the past, but also reflections in the future. All we want has already happened, all we strive for, we had. We only need to look back.



Kunzite crystal meaning  in folklore - It is said that Kunzite enhances creativity and has a capability to tie intellect, intuition and inspiration in one, so it will allow us to convert wonderful imaginative creations into reality. It is a good asset for artists, obviously, but everyone can do with some additional implementing of creative thoughts. It is believed that it encourages tolerance, freedom of speech and expression of personal ideas and attitudes... Read more about Kunzite meaning

This piece is one of a kind …unique

Selling Price: 79.00€

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