Angel Ascend

Sometimes it's hard to believe, but angels really walk the Earth. We never.....know where they are, but it is not where we expect them to be. Maybe one is residing in a bird that woke us up this morning with a song, or in the dark night they are concealed, or they walk in convoys of exiled and forgotten. They don't visit places where it's comfortable and warm, but sometimes we can see them there too. They go where they are needed, where they decide they must come. Angels are many, but to us indistinguishable they are,  and to their work quietly devoted. We don't recognize them sometimes even when  they spread their wings, as wings are made of light and love and we close our eyes to radiance.

A presence of an Angel we felt in this stone. He whispers words of wisdom, and before returning to the skies, he will teaches us how to follow his path. Be quiet when this ring you observe! The words of happiness  are easily overheard and words of Angels are never audible in din. Those words cannot be met by noise and with dissipated attention, because words of Angels can be heard only by our heart.

Craft properties

Name:   Angel Ascend
Model:   Ring
Metal body:   Silver sterling 925
Short description:   Ring of green Quartz and silver, treasuring words of Angels.
Ring size:   18mm (see ring size chart)
Adjustability:   Not self-adjustable
Width of ring:   3mm
Size of ring head:   16x13x9mm
Gemstones:   Prasiolite
Size of gemstones: 15x12mm shape cabochon
Weight:   5.81mm
Rubycharm gift   Ruby charm cube chest

Gems and Crystals

Many authors have doubts as to whether prasiolite is actually a natural quartz, and it is almost impossible to find any naturally mined prasiolite on the market now. Instead, it is mostly obtained artificially by heating amethyst, which is why this stone is also called green amethyst, amegreen or vermarine... Read more about Prasiolite properties 

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Breath taking Beauty collection


Beauty needs no verses because songs are written in the eyes of the beholder. It frees our thoughts, sending them high into the sky, and lets us see the world through quite different eyes. It becomes more beautiful for one beauty more, and therefore immensely more valuable. This irreversible path will lead us to a perfect and transcendent world.

Another myth, a tale similar to a fairy tale, comes from ancient history and faraway places, from India, but exactly where, it is long forgotten. It tells thousands of stories about people, but one, very significant, about prasiolite, with which it all began..Read our prasiolite tale

This piece is one of a kind …unique

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