Teachers Trade

This is great combination of gemstones for teachers. That is  a noble cause, gem that will help one teach others. And it is not only for those to whom teaching is a proffession, but also for all of us that has something to teach others. For parents teaching their children, for anybody that has knowledge to pass to others, for all that can contribute to make somebody life better.

Craft properties

Name:   Teachers Trade
Model:   Bracelets combo
Short description:   ...great combination of gemstones for teachers
Gemstones:   Black Tourmaline
Weight:   9.53g
Gemstones:   Clear Quartz
Weight:   28.77g
Gemstones:   Morganite
Weight:   26.35g
Total weight:   64.65g (323 carat)
Rubycharm gift:   2 x Jewel grid square box

Gems and Crystals

The Dutch also noticed another interesting feature of Tourmaline, and that is what is called piezoelectricity. That means that Tourmaline creates small charges of electricity when warmed up or cooled down. Because of this, Tourmaline attract cigarette ash so it has been used to make very expensive and effective ashtrays...Read more about Tourmaline unusual features

It is certain that the origin of the modern name for this mineral came from the Saxon word "Qerluftertz" meaning "cross-vein-ore," which was later shortened to "Qurertz" - quartz. Saxon miners were the first to mention that word in relation to this type of stone in literature...Read more about Clear Quartz gemstone

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All crystals were handpicked before we set them into various form of jewellery and crafts. We have searched for alive and vivid energy in crystals. Enjoy the wonderful world of Rubycharm crystals. Everything in our on line shop is made by hand, and from potent and energetic crystals and gemstones.

Stories about fairies are many. So many men dreamt about those wood enchantrise, so many tales were forged so one might ask: how we still don't believe they exist, and call all those stories fairy tales. One of those "FAIRY TALES" found a way to our site. It is about a man and his burden. It is timeless, and we don't know if and when it happened, yet witness say it is all true...Read this fairy tale about man, fairies, and crystal quartz

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