Black Pearl

The name Tahitian pearl is more correct then Black pearls, as it includes all coloured pearls, but in the lapidary trade it is commonly used as a generic name for all coloured pearls, which can be a little misleading. Nature-made black pearls are extremely rare and it is said that they possess a beauty without comparison. Occasionally, a black pearl gets a golden flow of colours making it more light, and some say even more beautiful. Others are completely opaque, and speak about nights of love making. Other colours include blue, pink and brown. Coloured pearls are born of an oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera, also known as the Black-Lip Pearl Oyster. The name of this oyster comes from Latin word margarita, meaning treasure. Another interesting fact is that people today associate pearls with a bead-like, spherical shape. It is not true. The first round pearl was produced only in 1970.Read more about coloured pearls properties

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