About Rubycharm


We are Ruby Charm UG (haftungsbeschrankt), a company registered in Germany. Our registered office is at 60 Rheinstrasse, Baden-Baden 76532.  Our VAT number is DE295983661.


We think of ourselves as an artistic workshop. Every part of the creation process for this website is special in its own way, and you can read about it in Our quest section. You will learn about the many ways in which we are making this project not only distinctive, but also meaningful and beautiful. Everything is connected - each stone, having been extracted from the earth, is recognized and held, then hand-selected to adorn our handcrafts. We consider the stone’s unique set of colours and shapes, and the light it refracts, while the photographer searches for the best angle to capture its individual appearance and  uniqueness. Gemstones contain the symbolism of species that goes back to the earliest days of our collective memories. A chosen stone can be like le mot juste (the perfect word) that we search for to describes and expresses the energy we feel; it can be our means of reconciling ancient and modern, esoteric and electronic. Ruby Charm is offering the everyone on the web a chance to learn about the energy of stones for themselves, so we can bring it closer to you, cover vast distance in one blink of an eye, until you can see for yourselves, and to grace and relish with Ruby Charm uniqueness.


RubyCharm was born in cooperation with a special and dear friend, Ms. Nevena Solar. Without her, this venture would not have been possible. She has designed and created some of the most exquisite pieces of contemporary jewellery worldwide, and is very successful in her homeland. While talking to her, the idea for RubyCharm came to me –a  unique project on the web that would bring to you her world, which I had the honour to enter, the world of the holy wisdom of the Earth.



Ruby Charm gives special thanks to:

-Mr. Predrag Toncic photo studio – photography and animation rendering, owned by Ruby Charm under the license of Predrag Toncic.

-Mr. Dragan Trifunovic photo studio – photography, owned by Ruby Charm under the license of Dragan Trifunovic.

-Retescom Ltd. and Mr. Radimir Milikic – software and Website development – software source code is owned by Ruby Charm, under the license of Retescom.

-Ms. Mina Zdrnja - a fine artist whose drawings decorates our site - owned by Ruby Charm, under license of Mina Zdrnja.

-Ms. Juliana Amir - Writer and editor. First she was a passer by, a person that showed kindness and gave us a valuable present, a person that knows how to give, a rare virtue in these sad times. But then she edited her own future and became a permanent editor of text and advisor in matters of beauty

-family Najdanovic - for being our esteemed hosts.

-Vanja Valcic - writer of science studies, special and most valuable advisor on all geology, chemistry and other scientific matters.

-Nina Valcic - advisor on matters of love, and life inspiration.

-Vuk Valcic – writer of all written materials, attribute management concept, software concept, photography concept, Website concept, all owned by Ruby Charm under the license of Vuk Valcic.

-HS Legal Corporative Consultants Ltd. – legal solution and management.​